Wolverines A Registered Not-For-Profit Corporation

Wolverines A Registered Not-For-Profit Corporation

The Peterborough Wolverines are pleased to announce that we are now a fully not-for-profit organization effective May 13th.

 With that comes changes, in that we are required to charge taxes on registrations, but it also allows us to recoup taxes on items that we require to run as an organization, like equipment etc. at the end of a year.  Parents/Players. to avoid taxes for this year, please pay up your final fees by Friday, May 13th at midnight.  For future seasons will incorporate the taxes into the overall fees, so that they may be tracked for tax requirements.

As usual, you can pay credit card, e-transfers or cheque which can be given to your Team Managers. We look forward to a great 2022 season.

Peterborough Wolverines