OFC League Update: April 4th, 2020

OFC League Update: April 4th, 2020

First off I hope that everyone and their families are healthy and safe.

The OFC meeting was held yesterday via conferencing in which almost all organizations were in attendance.

Points that came out of the meeting are as follows:

  1. Most teams would like to have some sort of season
  2. A reduced schedule would be acceptable if we can get 6 games in during the regular time frame of our season. Some thought of 4 games was discussed as well if time is reduced even further.
  3. If we start late, say mid to late June, there was some discussion about extending the season until late August. Some organizations may have any issues with this as field time may not be available. The Wolverines may be one of those as we only have the fields booked up to August based on what would be a regular season. I will check with the city to see the availability of fields for August.
  4. If a shorter season is able to take place there would need to be reduced fees and the travel costs would need to be kept down as organizations would not have the money for extended travel. This could affect the availability of some teams ability to field teams, like Sault Ste. Marie or Cornwall as they do not have other OFC teams in their immediate area.
  5. If a season of some sort cannot happen, the thought of jamborees over a 2 or 3 week period with teams that are close to each other was a possibility. i.e. Wolverines, Quinte, Oshawa, Huronia as an example. Again this would affect teams that do not have teams near them.
  6. Football Canada has not cancelled football as a whole and are in a wait and see scenario at this point.
  7. It was also recognized that all organizations are going to have financial issues as they like ourselves have other bills that need to be covered whether a season happens or not.

Bottom line is that all of the above will only happen the COVID-19 outbreak ends within the next 2 to 3 months. A meeting has been scheduled for May 2nd. If things become clearer by that time we hope to have a more definite answer as to what type of season we would have or anything at all.

I would ask that Team Managers and Coaches contact their players with this update. There will also be an update posted on our website.



Wolverines Executive.